Ready to Go

DSCF0653的副本副本This picture was taken in the plane just a few minutes after taking off. I had never imagined before that I would have the courage to travel alone to a place I had never encountered before.

The best time to take a flight should be early in the evening. I was quite nervous before boarding, I was thinking about quitting this trip, I was afraid of unknown things beyond hundred miles. After taking off, I knew there is nothing else I can change, I had to embrace everything by myself in the following days. Sitting next to the window, looking at the signs of our plane, New York was covered by the evening twilight. This wonderful sunset calmed me down, the world was full of beautiful things, I shouldn’t waste my time on regrets. I started to plan my trip right there in the plane, I typed down travel tips in Finland, what’s the local food I should try, is there any manners I should follow.

There are ten things I wish to complete before 30 years old. Including diving, parachuting, seeing northern lights, taking hot balloon trip, etc. I have already tried diving last year in Mexico and hot balloon trip in Turkey. At this time, the main goal of my trip to see the aurora. Laying down on the snow, hearing the sound of the wind, watching aurora dancing in the sky, this experience must be extremely romantic.


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