Why I like Story Needle

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In the past, I thought digital marketing should be something related to digital devices. And before taking digital marketing course, I expected that I will learn how to market through mobile, PC, computer, etc.

After reading The New Rules of Marketing & PR, I realized digital marketing is more complicated than I thought. Digital devices are only platforms to convey marketer’s ideas. And the most important part in digital marketing should be the content.

No matter in what kind of the platforms, content is always the priority thing to manage. Story Needle is an up-to-date marketing blog offers expert ideas towards digital marketing. For example, as for this article – The Future of Content is Multimodal, not only explain what will content works in future, but also talk about different modes of digital marketing in the future. This article includes four parts: 1. What does the future of content look like? 2. The three interfaces. 3. Then inadequacy of screen-based paradigms. 4. Metadata provides the solution for multimodal content.

In the future, content will not only be viewed as screen-based, it can be shown in different ways. For example, we used to read recipes for cooking. But at present, we have Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Google to explain the recipes for us. Instead of reading the content, we can listen to the content. Moreover, as for machines, they can process the content, turn it into action.

There are three interfaces for exchanging the content. The first one is also the most traditional one, which is the screen interface shows content relies on the eyes.  Then the second one is in trend. It is the conversational interface, as for Alexa, Siri, it tells content relies on the ears and voice. The third one is the most important one which is machine interface. It process instructions relies on the code.

There will be more ways for people to use content, and screen-based is only one of the ways. There can be gestures, projection-based augmented reality, and sensor-based interactions, etc.

At this circumstances, metadata will be the solution. Metadata can help exchange the content from one-way form of communication to two-way interaction. Metadata makes content become easier to be discovered and conveyed.

Above all, however, no matter how great those interfaces are, no matter how important metadata is, they all work based on the core element – content. To my view, as a marketer, we still have to focus on the content. For instance, regardless of how great the design of a blog is, without meaningful content, the blog still have no value.

There is a sentence in this blog – Content flows to where it is needed when it is needed. This sentence perfectly explains the importance of the content.




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