Michael Kors’s outstand in Digital Marketing

Michael Kors is a midlevel brand originated from America. Among the market, its main competitors including Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Longchamp, etc. As an international brand, MK pays a great effort on content marketing strategy. MK has varieties of social media accounts to meet different markets. For example, for most of the countries, MK has Facebook, Instagram account to promote its brand. For restricted areas like China where Facebook and Instagram are not available, MK has Weibo instead.

For what MK always do in its social media platform is sharing pictures about its products, promoting its new season collection. MK posts the same content with the same picture in the different platforms. It is a good for a company to make all the digital platforms integrated. Different platforms’ users have a different type of preferences and expectations of each social media. At that circumstances, Michael Kors will selectively post information on different platforms.  For example, Facebook is more likely a community for MK to share it’s stories and insights to the followers. It is a useful platform for MK to share its brand value to its customers. On the contrary, Instagram works like a hub mainly focus on sharing pictures and videos. Thus, MK can share its new season collection as well as fancy products there. In addition, for Twitter, it is a real-time information network, so instead of advertising products as the same as Instagram, it is better to work as a complimentary tool to share news, advertisement when it’s on air to generate social buzz.

Compare MK with its competitors, for instance, Kate Spade, there is still some space for MK to make an improvement. The big difference between these two accounts is based on the content. For Kate Spade, it only shares pictures about its products, but also upload funny videos, boomerangs related to its brand instead of particular product. And those videos attract more views and likes than other posts. On the contrary, Michael Kors still focus on pictures. Although Michael Kors post videos sometimes, still not attractive enough and is also too long.

Different from these three platforms, MK uses another approach to promote its company on Weibo. It mainly focuses on celebrity endorsement. Besides posting its new season collection, MK will share pictures about celebrities street snaps when they are wearing its own brand collections. Moreover, MK collaborates with one of the most popular actresses as its spokeswoman. Every post MK has posted related to her can drive more than double of the likes than usual. And it is an effective way to increase brand awareness.
From my own perspective, besides those improvements, I’ve mentioned about in the social media platforms. Celebrity endorsement is now a trending advertisement way to increase brand awareness. More importantly, MK should change its concentration on the marketing strategy. Selling products is the least thing MK should think about when doing content marketing, the most priority is to increase the brand awareness and attract more buzz.




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