Ali Pay – Best in the world

What’s Ali Pay

Most of the Americans may never use Ali Pay but I bet most of you guys should already hear about Alibaba. Ali Pay is one of the most payment method used in China. Ali Pay occupies about 43% of the third party payment market share. However, this time, I will not discuss the function of payment of Ali Pay since it is similar to Apple Pay. This time, I will talk more about other services including food delivery, financial products, online booked car, movie tickets, utility services, etc.

Instead of introducing every function in a general way, I would like to share my personal life with Ali Pay. When I was a freshman, I can only have a limited amount of living expenses every month. Before Ali Pay era, I can’t buy things I like at the end of the month due to limited fund. There is a section called Ant Credit Pay where I can pay by credits and return the money within one month without any interests.

During my summer vacation, because of the hot weather, I was reluctant to eat outside. Thus, I will order food from Ali Pay from the section called “Takeout”. Ali Pay will offer different kinds of coupons, and usually, I will pay less than dining in the restaurant. I am a big movie fan, so during every weekend, I will go to the theater to see new movies. Usually, I will book movie tickets from Ali Pay as I can get a cheaper price than in the theater. And I only have to be in theater 5 mins in advance instead of waiting in a line for more than 10 mins. Moreover, there is a “Go Dutch” function for us to split the fees for our tickets. Usually, it is quite late after the movie, I will order a taxi for “My Car”, the price is cheaper and I don’t have to stand beside the road looking for empty taxis.

These are the most popular functions for me to use back in China, is that means Ali Pay means useless when I am abroad?

Actually even I am in New York right now, I still use Ali Pay everyday and everywhere.



At the end of my Spring term, I booked a flight from “Air & Rail” to Europe. It is a 10-day trip in Europe, I have bought a lot of things over there. Besides those traditional tax refund methods including “cash refund”, “credit card refund”, nowadays, you can also choose Ali Pay refund, the only information you need to offer is your mobile number you have used in your Ali Pay account. And I receive my refund just about 10 days after leaving from Europe.


Last month is the deadline to pay my summer term tuition. My parents exchange the currency and wire to me on Monday, and I receive the money just one day after. Besides international wire and currency exchange, I also use Ali Pay to do fund management. I bought two types of funds through Ali Pay, and for now, the interests is quite positive.

From my own perspective, Ali Pay is more than an App. It lives around my life, it penetrates every corner of my life. I use this App every day on every occasion in every place.



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