Ali Pay – Best in the world

What’s Ali Pay

Most of the Americans may never use Ali Pay but I bet most of you guys should already hear about Alibaba. Ali Pay is one of the most payment method used in China. Ali Pay occupies about 43% of the third party payment market share. However, this time, I will not discuss the function of payment of Ali Pay since it is similar to Apple Pay. This time, I will talk more about other services including food delivery, financial products, online booked car, movie tickets, utility services, etc.

Instead of introducing every function in a general way, I would like to share my personal life with Ali Pay. When I was a freshman, I can only have a limited amount of living expenses every month. Before Ali Pay era, I can’t buy things I like at the end of the month due to limited fund. There is a section called Ant Credit Pay where I can pay by credits and return the money within one month without any interests.

During my summer vacation, because of the hot weather, I was reluctant to eat outside. Thus, I will order food from Ali Pay from the section called “Takeout”. Ali Pay will offer different kinds of coupons, and usually, I will pay less than dining in the restaurant. I am a big movie fan, so during every weekend, I will go to the theater to see new movies. Usually, I will book movie tickets from Ali Pay as I can get a cheaper price than in the theater. And I only have to be in theater 5 mins in advance instead of waiting in a line for more than 10 mins. Moreover, there is a “Go Dutch” function for us to split the fees for our tickets. Usually, it is quite late after the movie, I will order a taxi for “My Car”, the price is cheaper and I don’t have to stand beside the road looking for empty taxis.

These are the most popular functions for me to use back in China, is that means Ali Pay means useless when I am abroad?

Actually even I am in New York right now, I still use Ali Pay everyday and everywhere.



At the end of my Spring term, I booked a flight from “Air & Rail” to Europe. It is a 10-day trip in Europe, I have bought a lot of things over there. Besides those traditional tax refund methods including “cash refund”, “credit card refund”, nowadays, you can also choose Ali Pay refund, the only information you need to offer is your mobile number you have used in your Ali Pay account. And I receive my refund just about 10 days after leaving from Europe.


Last month is the deadline to pay my summer term tuition. My parents exchange the currency and wire to me on Monday, and I receive the money just one day after. Besides international wire and currency exchange, I also use Ali Pay to do fund management. I bought two types of funds through Ali Pay, and for now, the interests is quite positive.

From my own perspective, Ali Pay is more than an App. It lives around my life, it penetrates every corner of my life. I use this App every day on every occasion in every place.



Michael Kors’s outstand in Digital Marketing

Michael Kors is a midlevel brand originated from America. Among the market, its main competitors including Coach, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Longchamp, etc. As an international brand, MK pays a great effort on content marketing strategy. MK has varieties of social media accounts to meet different markets. For example, for most of the countries, MK has Facebook, Instagram account to promote its brand. For restricted areas like China where Facebook and Instagram are not available, MK has Weibo instead.

For what MK always do in its social media platform is sharing pictures about its products, promoting its new season collection. MK posts the same content with the same picture in the different platforms. It is a good for a company to make all the digital platforms integrated. Different platforms’ users have a different type of preferences and expectations of each social media. At that circumstances, Michael Kors will selectively post information on different platforms.  For example, Facebook is more likely a community for MK to share it’s stories and insights to the followers. It is a useful platform for MK to share its brand value to its customers. On the contrary, Instagram works like a hub mainly focus on sharing pictures and videos. Thus, MK can share its new season collection as well as fancy products there. In addition, for Twitter, it is a real-time information network, so instead of advertising products as the same as Instagram, it is better to work as a complimentary tool to share news, advertisement when it’s on air to generate social buzz.

Compare MK with its competitors, for instance, Kate Spade, there is still some space for MK to make an improvement. The big difference between these two accounts is based on the content. For Kate Spade, it only shares pictures about its products, but also upload funny videos, boomerangs related to its brand instead of particular product. And those videos attract more views and likes than other posts. On the contrary, Michael Kors still focus on pictures. Although Michael Kors post videos sometimes, still not attractive enough and is also too long.

Different from these three platforms, MK uses another approach to promote its company on Weibo. It mainly focuses on celebrity endorsement. Besides posting its new season collection, MK will share pictures about celebrities street snaps when they are wearing its own brand collections. Moreover, MK collaborates with one of the most popular actresses as its spokeswoman. Every post MK has posted related to her can drive more than double of the likes than usual. And it is an effective way to increase brand awareness.
From my own perspective, besides those improvements, I’ve mentioned about in the social media platforms. Celebrity endorsement is now a trending advertisement way to increase brand awareness. More importantly, MK should change its concentration on the marketing strategy. Selling products is the least thing MK should think about when doing content marketing, the most priority is to increase the brand awareness and attract more buzz.


Airbnb needs to pay more effort on guests



Airbnb provides a platform for customers to exchange their needs and wants. Travelers can pay less money to live in a nice house while hosts can share their extra rooms to earn extra money.

“Book unique homes and experience a city like a local”, just like this slogan, Airbnb works hard to show this idea to the public with vivid stories.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 2.43.14 PM.png

Airbnb makes use of its own website to write blogs about itself. Writing blog is an effective way to the content marketing. First and foremost, people who visit Airbnb official website is also the potential customers for Airbnb, they came to the website to find out more information. And blog works as a complimentary tool to satisfy consumers goals. Consumers could find out many stories about hosts and guests. If they can find someone’s story similar as themselves, customers are more inclined to book a room.

Airbnb’s Content Marketing on Hosts: 

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 3.31.41 PM.pngAs for Airbnb’s current content marketing effort, it has already done a good job in the host persona part. For example, despite blog site, Airbnb also have a community center for hosts to share their stories, to speak out their voice.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 3.37.31 PM

For people who is hesitating about sharing their rooms, can get some ideas about those voices. Maybe you are worried about your asset in the room, maybe you are worried about the safety of your room, maybe you are concerned about your private life, etc. All those concerns can be resolved by going through those host stories.

Airbnb’s Content Marketing on Guests: 

However, to my perspective, Airbnb focus too much on the hosts part rather than guests since both of them are customers from Airbnb. There is the community center for hosts to talk about their stories, but for guests, there are few stories about them. You can’t find any guest stories in the community center, guests find it difficult to make their voices to be heard.

For travelers who first visit Airbnb may be curious about booking process, they may want to find out some useful hints for guests. However, they are overwhelmed by host stories. And only for a specific room, they are able to read reviews from other guests to get some idea. Nevertheless, they can find any general ideas to help them.

Airbnb fails to take advantage of the content marketing on the guests part, as they neither solve consumers’ problems nor stimulate consumers to book the room from Airbnb.


Why I like Story Needle

屏幕快照 2017-05-29 19.56.56

In the past, I thought digital marketing should be something related to digital devices. And before taking digital marketing course, I expected that I will learn how to market through mobile, PC, computer, etc.

After reading The New Rules of Marketing & PR, I realized digital marketing is more complicated than I thought. Digital devices are only platforms to convey marketer’s ideas. And the most important part in digital marketing should be the content.

No matter in what kind of the platforms, content is always the priority thing to manage. Story Needle is an up-to-date marketing blog offers expert ideas towards digital marketing. For example, as for this article – The Future of Content is Multimodal, not only explain what will content works in future, but also talk about different modes of digital marketing in the future. This article includes four parts: 1. What does the future of content look like? 2. The three interfaces. 3. Then inadequacy of screen-based paradigms. 4. Metadata provides the solution for multimodal content.

In the future, content will not only be viewed as screen-based, it can be shown in different ways. For example, we used to read recipes for cooking. But at present, we have Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Google to explain the recipes for us. Instead of reading the content, we can listen to the content. Moreover, as for machines, they can process the content, turn it into action.

There are three interfaces for exchanging the content. The first one is also the most traditional one, which is the screen interface shows content relies on the eyes.  Then the second one is in trend. It is the conversational interface, as for Alexa, Siri, it tells content relies on the ears and voice. The third one is the most important one which is machine interface. It process instructions relies on the code.

There will be more ways for people to use content, and screen-based is only one of the ways. There can be gestures, projection-based augmented reality, and sensor-based interactions, etc.

At this circumstances, metadata will be the solution. Metadata can help exchange the content from one-way form of communication to two-way interaction. Metadata makes content become easier to be discovered and conveyed.

Above all, however, no matter how great those interfaces are, no matter how important metadata is, they all work based on the core element – content. To my view, as a marketer, we still have to focus on the content. For instance, regardless of how great the design of a blog is, without meaningful content, the blog still have no value.

There is a sentence in this blog – Content flows to where it is needed when it is needed. This sentence perfectly explains the importance of the content.


Ready to Go

DSCF0653的副本副本This picture was taken in the plane just a few minutes after taking off. I had never imagined before that I would have the courage to travel alone to a place I had never encountered before.

The best time to take a flight should be early in the evening. I was quite nervous before boarding, I was thinking about quitting this trip, I was afraid of unknown things beyond hundred miles. After taking off, I knew there is nothing else I can change, I had to embrace everything by myself in the following days. Sitting next to the window, looking at the signs of our plane, New York was covered by the evening twilight. This wonderful sunset calmed me down, the world was full of beautiful things, I shouldn’t waste my time on regrets. I started to plan my trip right there in the plane, I typed down travel tips in Finland, what’s the local food I should try, is there any manners I should follow.

There are ten things I wish to complete before 30 years old. Including diving, parachuting, seeing northern lights, taking hot balloon trip, etc. I have already tried diving last year in Mexico and hot balloon trip in Turkey. At this time, the main goal of my trip to see the aurora. Laying down on the snow, hearing the sound of the wind, watching aurora dancing in the sky, this experience must be extremely romantic.